25 Goals for my 25th year of life

Twenty Five Goals for my 25th year of life:


25. Create 25 new crafts, projects, or pieces of art

24. Actually try out 25 things I pin on pinterest

23. Finish reading 10 books (I often start books, but rarely finish them :/ )

22. Get my wisdom teeth removed (not fun, but unfortunately necessary)

21. Visit 15 new places

20. Learn to bake gluten free bread

19. Purge my closet of clothes I don’t wear anymore

18.  Start a craft Blog! Blog at least once a week.

17. Try one of those 30 day photography challenges (and actually learn how to use the manual functions on my camera)

16. Eat healthier more of the time

15. Make a nice scrapbook for my mom

14. Make an effort to spend more time with family

13. Do my own manuscript study on a book of the Bible that isn’t Mark

12. Go on a fun trip with a girlfriend (or two)

11. Learn a new skill

10. Get better at swing dancing

9.  Go to the Art Bar at least once

8.  Do something daring/take a big risk

7.  Come up with a better way to organize my craft supplies

6.  Practice the disciplines of thankfulness and celebration

5.  Get coffee/tea/ice cream/etc. with 15 old friends

4.  Donate a piece of my art somewhere

3.  Practice fasting from something at some point

2.  Learn something new about myself

1.  Visit 5 museums or art galleries