So I got engaged!

Here is the full story:

Earlier in the week, my sister had been asking me to hang out on Friday.  I told her no.  I couldn’t because I had to work.  She got more adamant, I got frustrated with her.  Little did I know that was an attempt by my (future) fiancé to steal my time.

Plan B however turned out even better.  Instead of full-on surprising me, I got a surprise text early friday morning with a picture from the airport saying something like “I made it to the airport early, don’t worry I got a ride.  But I will see you later ;)”  At that point I already knew (we had talked about getting married soon so much) that it was coming.  Apparently then he went to Chapman to pick up my little sister (so she could be there later to take pictures) and a few hours later I got a text with a picture of guitar that said “What? A guitar? That’s random.  How does that relate? Maybe it will become clear in a few hours.”  Then an hour later I got texted a picture of the florist and it said “Just sort of found myself here…maybe it will become relevant later 😀 Also, I love you a lot!”  He knew I had a lunch appointment for work, so while I was there he went into my house and stole my camera.  Then he texted me a picture of a memorable landmark at the Botanical Gardens near my home and said, “When you are done with lunch, I think you might want to come to this familiar creature sculpture.  There’s some good things happening there 🙂 Also, I love you the most and you’re my favorite!”

I think you can figure out the rest from the photos:









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