25 Goals for my 25th year of life

Twenty Five Goals for my 25th year of life:


25. Create 25 new crafts, projects, or pieces of art

24. Actually try out 25 things I pin on pinterest

23. Finish reading 10 books (I often start books, but rarely finish them :/ )

22. Get my wisdom teeth removed (not fun, but unfortunately necessary)

21. Visit 15 new places

20. Learn to bake gluten free bread

19. Purge my closet of clothes I don’t wear anymore

18.  Start a craft Blog! Blog at least once a week.

17. Try one of those 30 day photography challenges (and actually learn how to use the manual functions on my camera)

16. Eat healthier more of the time

15. Make a nice scrapbook for my mom

14. Make an effort to spend more time with family

13. Do my own manuscript study on a book of the Bible that isn’t Mark

12. Go on a fun trip with a girlfriend (or two)

11. Learn a new skill

10. Get better at swing dancing

9.  Go to the Art Bar at least once

8.  Do something daring/take a big risk

7.  Come up with a better way to organize my craft supplies

6.  Practice the disciplines of thankfulness and celebration

5.  Get coffee/tea/ice cream/etc. with 15 old friends

4.  Donate a piece of my art somewhere

3.  Practice fasting from something at some point

2.  Learn something new about myself

1.  Visit 5 museums or art galleries


Jessica Rey – The evolution of the swim suit

via Jessica Rey – The evolution of the swim suit – YouTube.

I found this video inspiring today!  I have often wondered about the over-sexualization of our culture and how its connected with a lack of respect for women.  This video sort of answered that question a little.  If a man see’s a woman as more of an object or tool, it makes it all the more easy to treat her as an object or a tool.

I also say this video by Dustin Hoffman.  It sort of illustrates the process of scales dropping from ones eyes.  What happens when you stop seeing women as objects but as interesting people?

I hope you find them as interesting as I did!