Lets try this again

Its been a while since I last blogged.  The past year has been one of the best in my life so far, but it has also been a pretty busy one… so given that it is the summer now, I thought I would give blogging another try.  I am also hoping to produce more art over the summer so perhaps I will post some of that as well.

Recently what I have been learning is that I have been trained (by several hard years of life) to expect the worst and that that is not actually what God wants for me.  It has been a thing that has, for lack of a better word, impeded my ability to receive the good things that God is giving me.  This year has been abut learning to give up that training and enjoy life to its fullest (without worrying that soon the other shoe will drop).  I want to fully enjoy everything that God has for me and celebrate the good in life.  I hope you learn what it looks like for you to do that too. Sometimes it starts with as simple a thing as appreciating the beauty around you.




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