The throne room

I just got back from InterVarsity’s Orientation for New Staff (or ONS) and I miss it already.  It was super awesome being in community with over 100 new staff from all over the country who came from different backgrounds and cultures but who all shared the same hope and vision of renewal.  And as a cherry on top, the URBANA worship team was there so worship was off the hook!

What the experience reminds me of is the image in Revelation of people from every nation and tongue worshiping together at the throne of God.  When I was there worshiping with my fellow staff, I felt like I had been ushered into the throne room of God.  As you can imagine, I was loathe to leave.  We had our own little slice of heaven in community with each other and I still feel encouraged by that.  It also makes me long for heaven where it will be like that forever.  But I am back in the real world now, and I have decided that rather than feeling disappointed that its not perfect, I will feel energized by the brokenness and once again work toward bringing the Kingdom one step closer as often as I can.