Our doing flows out of our being

We live in a culture that tells us what we work for we get and if we don’t get what we worked for we have been cheated out of. What we want we can have, and often with a few different choices of exactly how we want it. It is a culture where things are a click or a tap away, a culture of instant gratification… but how does this affect our spirituality? Allow me to share with you a selection from one of the few books I am reading right now: Invitation to a Journey by M. Robert Mulholland Jr.

“When we operate from the perspective that our doing determines our being, we expect immediate returns on our investment of time and resources–observable results that prove we have performed well and are therefore persons of value and worth. If we fail to receive such instant feedback, we presume we have failed and begin to struggle with a perceived loss of self-image, value, purpose, and even identity. Instant-gratification persons have great difficulty waiting patiently for God’s timing; trusting God to bring the needed transformation in God’s time, not theirs; persevering in obedience even when there is no indication that such obedience is making a difference in their lives. “Being conformed” militates against our need for instant gratification. Spiritual formation is the great reversal: from habitual expectation of closure, to patient, open-ended yieldedness.”

We need to realize that our journeys of faith are all a day by day, I am choosing to yield to Jesus’s leadership kind of process. It is in continually being open to the promptings of the Lord and obeying even when we don’t see results right away, especially in our liminal space, that we are shaped to be more and more like Christ.


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