There is beauty in every shade of skin,
our experiences may be different,
as are our looks, our locks, our culture
but you and I my sister,
we are kin.
Our hearts are the same color
mine pumps with yours, bleeds with yours
because you and I my sister,
we are kin.

Watching things like this breaks my heart. It is so sad that there is still a racial disparity today and even sadder to know that it isnt going to just go away any time soon. I heard at a recent lecture that the best way to raise a racist child is by not talking about race at all until they are at least 9 years old (so by being color blind we are raising racist children!). If you think about it, by not explicitly telling your kids that people really are different, they assume that everything from their point of view is what is right. I met an author the other day, named Quentin Holmes, who wrote a multi-cultural book series called “Real Street Kidz” who seemed to be on the same page. If you have young kids or are a teacher, check out his series at

On a similar thread I am really looking forward to the coming out of a documentary called, “Dark Girls.” Here is a sneak peak!